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This page describes the steps to install the Fōrmulæ Desktop, the standard front-end for the Fōrmulæ technology.



Go to the Downloads section of the official Fōrmulæ site and download the file.

It is highly recommended that you also download and read the desktop.pdf


  1. Create a new, empty directory (folder) in your computer. The name and location do not matter, but it is recommended that the name has no spaces.
  2. Unpack the content of the on that new directory.


Desktop after it is just launched

Into the directory, you will see that there is a file named desktop.jar. Usually is as simple as just double-clicking it.

Launching the program in command-line

It may be useful if you wanted to create an icon to launch the program.

  1. Change to the recently created directory.
  2. Write the following command:
java -jar desktop.jar

It may be necessary to specify the full path of the java runtime, such as follows:

<JAVA_PATH>/bin/java -jar desktop.jar

Launching options

The Desktop program is intended to work according to the locale detected automatically -it is obtained from the operating system where the Desktop in running on-.

It is possible to specify a different locale, with the following options, specified at command line:

-Duser.language=LANGUAGE   (optional)
-Duser.variant=VARIANT   (optional)
-Duser.timezone=TIMEZONE (optional)

Where LANGUAGE is the 2-character lowercase language code, according to the ISO 639-1 standard, COUNTRY is the 2-character uppercase country code, according to the ISO 3166-1 standard, and the VARIANT is the variant code.

The following are examples:

1. Running the Desktop program for Italian:

java -Duser.language=it -jar desktop.jar

2. Running the Desktop program for French from France:

java -Duser.language=fr -jar desktop.jar

3. Running the Desktop program for French from Canada:

java -Duser.language=fr -jar desktop.jar

Since the number of different languages and its variants around the world is big, providing a complete set of locales is a huge amount of work, so the availability of an specific one is not guaranteed.

Because the Fōrmulæ project is a collaborative one, an specific locale is available when a volunteer decides to make a translation. If you want to collaborate creating a locale, please contact the author.

If the Desktop program is run with arguments that specifies a locale currently not supported, the English locale will be used.