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This page is the answer to the task Knight's tour in the Rosetta Code.

Description (from Rosetta Code)

Problem: you have a standard 8x8 chessboard, empty but for a single knight on some square. Your task is to emit a series of legal knight moves that result in the knight visiting every square on the chessboard exactly once. Note that it is not a requirement that the tour be "closed"; that is, the knight need not end within a single move of its start position.

Input and output may be textual or graphical, according to the conventions of the programming environment. If textual, squares should be indicated in algebraic notation. The output should indicate the order in which the knight visits the squares, starting with the initial position. The form of the output may be a diagram of the board with the squares numbered according to visitation sequence, or a textual list of algebraic coordinates in order, or even an actual animation of the knight moving around the chessboard.

Input: starting square

Output: move sequence


The same program when the flowchart package visualization is selected. Click/tap to enlarge




Drawing the tour

The following function draws a given tour:


Drawing the calculated tour: