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This page is a solution to the task Polyspiral in the Rosetta Code, written in Fōrmulæ.

Description (from Rosetta Code)

A Polyspiral is a spiral made of multiple line segments, whereby each segment is larger (or smaller) than the previous one by a given amount. Each segment also changes direction at a given angle.


Animate a series of polyspirals, by drawing a complete spiral then incrementing the angle, and (after clearing the background) drawing the next, and so on. Every spiral will be a frame of the animation. The animation may stop as it goes full circle or continue indefinitely. The given input values may be varied.

If animation is not practical in your programming environment, you may show a single frame instead.

Pseudo code

    set incr to 0.0

    // animation loop
    WHILE true 

        incr = (incr + 0.05) MOD 360
        x = width / 2
        y = height / 2
        length = 5
        angle = incr

        // spiral loop
        FOR 1 TO 150
            change direction by angle
            length = length + 3
            angle = (angle + incr) MOD 360



Test case